Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The front doors were finally delivered and installed! I should look back and see when they were expected...certainly much earlier than mid-September! But that's okay...they're on before winter, so it's all good!
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Kids' Program

Throughout the summer, we had a Sunday evening fellowship/study time every week. While the adults were in various Bible study groups, Keith and Kristin (bless their hearts!), took all of the kids to lead them in their own worship time! It was incredibly successful...the kids really got their hearts into the worship time, and a lot of kids were coming and hearing the Word...we had over 20 kids most Sundays!
At the end of the summer, they shared some of their songs with us...what a blessing!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Church Moving Day!

The day we felt like would never arrive, did...there were new owners waiting to "take possession" of our trusty, too small, ready-to-fall-through-the-floor, old building. We had been moving out bit by bit, but Sunday September 5th was our last service there. We closed the service with a jubliant singing of "The Trees of the Field," and then the work began.

For some reason, we were all fond of this huge rock on the propert. It had sat out by the roadside tree, as a marker that we envisioned would someday have etched a cross or the ten commandments or something significant. We wanted to take the rock. The 500 pound rock. Or maybe only 475 pounds...opinions differ. Regardless, with great might and groaning, the rock was loaded into Tommy's truck. It wouldn't slide well, so it wouldn't budge far enough to close the gate of the pickup. It think you know what happens next. The truck turned out onto the road, and the rock promptly bounced right out and landed in the middle of the road! More might and groaning...and when when the rock fell and landed on Tommy's leg, it was as if angels were instantly there and boom-just like that, the rock was in the truck. With the gate closed. It now sits by the roadside tree at the new property, and when a stone carver and an agreed-upon idea come together in the same place, well, it might be great. Not worth it at all if Tommy hadn't made a fabulous recovery. But I'm sure it was a bonding experience for the men of the church, right?

The rest of the stuff was packed up and hauled out, and then taken to the fantastic new shed on the new property, which is now stuffed to its gills, as is the bus. And we got rid of A LOT of stuff.

Everyone pitched in, and soon it was just our voices bouncing around with little else to do. It was nearly 3 p.m. by the time we were done, and somehow, after a full days work packed into an afternoon with no lunch, we all ended up at the lodge! And we were all feeling about like this...

In some ways, we're now a bit like the Israelites, wandering in the wilderness...
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Electrical Work

Chugach was here early in September to do the outside electrical work, connecting the church property to the electric pole on the neighbor's property. It's at times like these, when they have to dig up a yard to do what they need to do, that it's a good thing the neighbors are church members...

(And for you observant ones, yes-Jacob's coat is inside out.  He was in too much of a hurry to see the little tractor at work)!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

If you build it..

This is where we're at right now...it is still astounding to think that this was just the shell of a building 10 short weeks ago.
This top picture is taken from the hallway, looking towards the front of the sanctuary.

This picture is taken from the stage looking towards the hallway and front door.

This is the fellowship hall/large Sunday School room that's off the back of the sanctuary.
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Week 10

It was crazy to think that we were wrapping up an entire summer of work with Nathan.
We culminated with church work day...

One crew stayed very busy packing at the church, and cleaning out the attic! That attic was a chore and half, full of stuff that "we might need someday."

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew was busy with DRYWALL. It was Nathan's goal to have at least the sanctuary finished with drywalling before he left...and by working till nearly 6:30 that night, mission accomplished!

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Big Hurdle

"God is never late, and rarely early."

Such was the case with our building permit! It was most crucial to have this before we needed to have the electrical work inspected so that we could drywall in the electrical work. Lo and behold, we had it...and not a day too soon!

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Week 9

Nathan and Amy had some friends from their church in MN visiting, and between Nathan and Scott, they got a lot of drywall up! I know I took a picture of them working on it, but simply can't find the picture! So instead, the load of drywall before they put it up!

We also had a team from Georgia here for a bit...unfortunately, I planned on getting up to take pictures on their second day of work, only to find out later that they were really only working one day. Sorry that there aren't pictures!
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Week 8

We didn't have a team for this week, so Nathan was on his own to run boiler lines through the whole building...well, with the help of Amy and the boys, too! And since I've yet to post a family picture of them, I though there was no better time! There are simply NO WORDS to describe how amazing this family is!
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Septic test holes

Yet again...as of the end of August, the well and septic placement are still variables.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 7-North Dakota!

We were blessed with a team of amazing workers from North Dakota!

Bet you can guess what the focus was this week!

That's right...electrical! The Lord blessed in a miraculous way for our electrical supplies. Nathan had held off ordering what was needed until the funds were available, and he was really concerned with what was going to keep this team busy if we didn't yet have the money for the next stage (we were waiting for the sale of our current building to close). At this point I'll just hijack Amy's blog and copy the story from her!
God continues to work His wonders in providing funds and workers! We thought this last week would be a quiet catch up week with just Nathan working on the church. On Sunday night we received a call at 10:45pm from Mission Match wondering if we could keep a crew of 9 busy for a couple of days. Sure Nathan said, we had prayed for more workers hadn't we? So our team from Tampa arrived Monday at noon and were put to work busting the plumbing trench and building walls. It looked as if material would run out by Tuesday and since the church hasn't closed on the property sale we would also be out of funds. Nathan made the call to Scott Kirby at Mission Match to let him know we were no longer in need of assistance for the rest of the week. We were reminded of the fact that work crews also came with funds to the projects they worked on. With the extra crew this week and the one coming next week from North Dakota, the church would have around $3000 for materials and could we keep the crew the rest of the week, asked Scott. Well, alright then, time to go buy electrical parts to keep the work going. Off to Kenai we went to the supplier in Soldotna. Nathan was blown away by how helpful the sale person was and yes, he knew pastor Mark Milligan and had played softball with other members of the church and oh yeah, I'll give you the contractors pricing plus we could deliver for no charge (80 miles one way). So of course you can gues by now how much the bill worked out to. Drumroll please...... $2977.26. Amazing God!  
It has also been amazing how many times God has provided the expertise we've needed.  Mark and Jennifer are friends of our church made through a connection with the state convention.  They come to Seward every summer to manage a hotel, and we've enjoyed having fellowship with them over the past two summers.  Well, besides being tremendously encouraging and supportive, Mark is...an electrician!  He provided much of the work and know-how behind getting it all done.  Thank you, thank you!

They also put some finishing touches on the shed (which, catching up on this in September, is now chock FULL), and helped get loads of drywall moved into the building.

Thank you, North Dakota team, for your servant's heart and hard work!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 6: A worker here, a worker there

This week, Amy's great-uncle was visiting Alaska, and he gave of his time to help Nathan with some framing. The stage area nearly was completed!

We also had a church work day that Saturday. Here, Mark and Jimmy at work.

Chad and Tim, former Ace cronies of Mark's, also donated their time!

Wes is so good at cleaning up after everybody!  And with that, the framing was DONE!

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Week 6: Tampa Team

We had yet another unexpected team, thanks to Scott Kirby sending folks our way! This week found us with extra hands for doing none other than...

...busting out concrete for plumbing trenches!

It was hard, dusty work...but when all was said and done, the concrete floors were ready for plumbing to be installed.

Busting out concrete has to be nearly as fun as Disney World, right?
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Week 5

We continue to be amazed at how much has been done in such a short amount of time. This week Nathan's friend Troy was visiting from MN, and they got A LOT of framing done! Nothing like using the excuse of fishing in Alaska to lure up friends with whom you used to work construction!


We were also blessed in a very unexpected way this week! Late one morning, I noticed that a camper is pulling in and getting all situated in the driveway. Not expecting a team this week, I went out to see if they needed help with something. No-they were here to help us! The Whitteberry family from Georgia had come to Alaska on a missions trip with Scott Kirby in Anchorage, but had come up a week early to do some sightseeing. On their way through Moose Pass, they stopped at the general store, where one of our church members (Rose)works. Well, when Rose found out why they were in Alaska, she shared with them the story of our church...and they decided to come and help out for the day!

They were an amazing team and finished framing the ceiling in the back of the sanctuary!

Thanks, guys...we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you, and we appreciate so much your willingness to serve God here in Moose Pass with us!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 4-Some More

The framing continued...adding beams to the sanctuary, framing in the doorway so that it no longer looks and functions like a garage, and even building steps up to the Kids' Worship Wagon!

After all the concrete was hauled out and the gravel was hauled in, they were ready to lay a new concrete slab floor for the front section. As Andrew says, "Nice!"

We were so blessed by the prayers and powerful Words left by this team all over the building!

We know you had to head to Sweet Home, Alabama...but boy do we miss you! Well done!

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