Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 6: A worker here, a worker there

This week, Amy's great-uncle was visiting Alaska, and he gave of his time to help Nathan with some framing. The stage area nearly was completed!

We also had a church work day that Saturday. Here, Mark and Jimmy at work.

Chad and Tim, former Ace cronies of Mark's, also donated their time!

Wes is so good at cleaning up after everybody!  And with that, the framing was DONE!

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Week 6: Tampa Team

We had yet another unexpected team, thanks to Scott Kirby sending folks our way! This week found us with extra hands for doing none other than...

...busting out concrete for plumbing trenches!

It was hard, dusty work...but when all was said and done, the concrete floors were ready for plumbing to be installed.

Busting out concrete has to be nearly as fun as Disney World, right?
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Week 5

We continue to be amazed at how much has been done in such a short amount of time. This week Nathan's friend Troy was visiting from MN, and they got A LOT of framing done! Nothing like using the excuse of fishing in Alaska to lure up friends with whom you used to work construction!


We were also blessed in a very unexpected way this week! Late one morning, I noticed that a camper is pulling in and getting all situated in the driveway. Not expecting a team this week, I went out to see if they needed help with something. No-they were here to help us! The Whitteberry family from Georgia had come to Alaska on a missions trip with Scott Kirby in Anchorage, but had come up a week early to do some sightseeing. On their way through Moose Pass, they stopped at the general store, where one of our church members (Rose)works. Well, when Rose found out why they were in Alaska, she shared with them the story of our church...and they decided to come and help out for the day!

They were an amazing team and finished framing the ceiling in the back of the sanctuary!

Thanks, guys...we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you, and we appreciate so much your willingness to serve God here in Moose Pass with us!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 4-Some More

The framing continued...adding beams to the sanctuary, framing in the doorway so that it no longer looks and functions like a garage, and even building steps up to the Kids' Worship Wagon!

After all the concrete was hauled out and the gravel was hauled in, they were ready to lay a new concrete slab floor for the front section. As Andrew says, "Nice!"

We were so blessed by the prayers and powerful Words left by this team all over the building!

We know you had to head to Sweet Home, Alabama...but boy do we miss you! Well done!

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