Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice Sunday

On June 20th, we celebrated our 3rd annual Community Worship with the other congregation in town. Every year we have hoped to use the community bandstand that is used during the annual Solstice Festival for live music and beer garden. Somehow, we never got permission to do so. The first year, we tried to have service on the lawn outside the Methodist church, but we got rained out. Since we were providing the music that year, we took the service inside to our building. The next year, we had the service in the Methodist building and they provided the music and Mark preached.

This year, we finally got to use the bandstand! It was our turn to provide music again, and it was such a joy to be proclaiming the name of Jesus loud and clear in the center of town! It was neat to have Pastor Peter sharing the message, as it was his last Sunday before moving to Anchorage. We just pray that this small seed of working together will continue to grow!

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