Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 2: VBS

While the work crew was busy building the physical house, the VBS crew was hard at work building spiritual houses!
Our congregation feels so blessed once again by having such a fantastic to love on, teach, and lead the kids in the community towards a closer relationship with Christ! We had about 17 kids attend...not necessarily all on the same day, but they were all influenced towards the Lord even if they were only able to come a few days!

It was pure joy to see these kids learn to worship!

They practiced their pledges and Bible verses dutifully...there were so many fun, active ways to practice!

They were all enthralled by the missionary story and the Bible stories!

And of course the kids all loved the crafts...God uses the crafts to keep the kids coming back, I think!
We were thrilled beyond measure that one boy accepted Christ as his Savior this week...please pray for his continuing spiritual growth despite a rough home situation!
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Mom M said...

Just back to a working computer!! Thanks so much for blogging - and including a link to Nathan's. Praise God from Whom all wonders come!

Kelly said...

So Wendy, a couple of the kids assumed that we will be back next year for VBS, so when might that be? We need to start saving now!!