Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 4: Sweet Home, Alabama!

Week 4 brought us an amazing team from Alabama! The PA Team had a set a high bar, and boy, did these guys match it!

Welcome to Alaska. Here's 35,000 pounds of concrete to haul away.

And then fill in with gravel what you hauled off in concrete.

Yup, I'm sure these fellas love Alaska! But even with backbreaking labor to welcome them, they still found energy to go fishing!

See, Doug? I actually got a picture of you working!
(Ummm...that's a reflection on my timing in showing up to take pictures on the worksite, not a reflection on Doug's capacity for work)!

More from week 4 to come!
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Dr. Carl said...

This is Dr. Carl R from the Alabama team. We sure enjoyed being a part of what God is doing in Moose Pass. Wanted to know if Pastor Mark received the box of hard copies to go with the computer power point programs we left for the church?