Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kentucky Team!

The third week of June brought us our first team of the summer...from Westside Baptist Church, Kentucky!
We never realized how much mudding, taping, and texturing of drywall could be accomplished in such a short amount of time-until we met these guys!

This building contains A LOT of drywall, and in four and a half days, these men had it all under control.

If you need empty buckets, this is the place to come...they went through them like crazy!

It has been so encouraging to walk into the building and see how close we now are to the finish line...and we'll always remember our Kentucky team of 2011...the quarter in the ceiling isn't even necessary! Thank you, Westside, for serving the Lord by serving us and our community-God's blessings on you all!
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Mr. Bill and Miss. Mona said...

Over and over I exclaim to myself, "Look what the Lord has done!!"
These teams have been the most amazing blessing- may God pour out to them as they have blessed us!1