Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Home, Alabama rerun!

Remember the team from Willowbrook Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama? We remember them fondly...see here, here, and here!

Well, they're at it again. One of the main projects weighing heavily on Mark's mind has been the plumbing. Check. They got 'er done. Digging deep trenches, laying the pipe, and filling it all back in again! This poor team has more than their fair share of concrete work!

(Cowboy Jacob approves of the job)!

And then there's everyone's favorite project...the sanctuary ceiling (okay, I can't speak for it being a favorite of those who are actually up on the scaffolding...just the favorite of those like me who just get to pop in now and then and see how it's going). It gives just a taste of what it must have been like for the Tabernacle workmen, to create something beautiful for the glory of the Lord. Pictures simply don't do it justice...and my knack for showing up at opportune times for photos has been horrible. I have yet to get a picture of anyone actually working on it! But they clearly are...and it will be completed tomorrow! Isn't that beam just beautiful now?!?

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